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Renita is a pioneering Hair Care Specialist, Master Stylist, and Growth and Maintenance Expert with more than 17 years’ experience caring for clients with chemically processed and natural hair. She has a BS in Management and a minor in Marketing from Benedict College in Columbia, SC.  She earned her cosmetology license from Dudley’s School of Cosmetology.


Renita carved a niche in the competitive hair care industry helping women restore healthy hair and recover from damaged hair caused primarily by excessive chemical treatments, improper installation of weaves, extensions and inexperienced stylists.  She opened SouthEnd Salon in 2011 which comprise of 13 private suites and a planned retail store at 5611 South Blvd in Charlotte, NC.


Renita’s expertise is Growth and Maintenance and restoring healthy hair.  However, SouthEnd has 12 professional stylists with a minimum of 8 years’ experience available to service you with a variety of hair styles, weaves, extensions, braids, locks, short cuts etc.

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